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Full Version: Another Q3 domain dies
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The quintessentialuniversalbuildingdevice.com domain, last used for the ticketing system, has expired.  It's looking less likely that Q3 still exists.

We'll know for sure on 4/29/18 if q3dprinter.com, which is used for the online ordering site, disappears too

Hi Mooselake Smile

I'm not sure this is much of an indicator - it's not shocking that they are dropping that domain - what's shocking is that they ever registered something that long and unwieldy Smile

It will be nice when it gets cleared up either way.

It doesn't cost vary much to keep a domain active, and they still link to it as their support system. The expiration combined with fabric8r and the death of the ticketing system makes it increasingly likely that Q3's no longer with us

(2018-02-19, 02:33 PM)Mooselake Wrote: [ -> ]...and they still link to it as their support system.

That suggests (to me) that they are not even keeping up the q3dprinter.com website.  It probably will die on 4/29 as you project.

It is sad.  While I have not mentioned it in my build log, I was kind of impressed by their build quality (other than a poorly designed SIDEBRACE piece).  Once assembled, the flimsy-appearing pieces form a solid frame for a 3D printer - albeit a bit smallish.

Too bad they couldn't "keep the ball rolling," and support what they sell.
Hi All,

I didn't realize this, but actually the Q3DPrinter online store is already dead.

There are some links on the main page that go to product information, but the store appears to be at the quintessentialuniversalbuildingdevice.com url. So, the store is dead, dead, dead.

Not that there was any real doubt left, but that trips the switch in my mind - they are gone.

I guess that also explains why we don't have more folks showing up here with questions on building q3d printers. Interesting in a way, because I'm pretty sure it's only been about a year since I last saw one for sale at my local Microcenter.

Anyway, I'm calling time of death Smile, q3dprinters is no more.

(PS, although I already grabbed some of the files from the site, I will make a dedicated effort to make everything they have available here.)

no change in their site, the store's still dead. There's still a few qu-bd products for sale on Amazon but they're all through resellers. I think rigor's come and gone, they're OPD.

Anything happening here? We just came back from a couple weeks in SW Florida, missed a big blizzard (supposedly the worst since 1991, might be an exaggeration) that dumped about 16" of snow in my 1000' driveway. One of the neighbors arraigned for a front loader to open it up before we made it back; from the height of the drifts I'm thinking he hauled extra snow in here to make it look worse. Good thing, that would have been a miserable hike in summer shoes. Didn't expect that in April, although it did make the trip more worthwhile. The southern end of that front passed through where we were staying, although as thunderstorms and an inch and a half of rain instead of the equivalent in snow. It's hitting 60F a week later and the snow is going fast.

Our midnight flight (a 50 passenger CRJ, one of two a day into Mooselake Intergalactic) was held on the ramp for an hour while a mental health patient (not PC to say crazy lady) threatened the terminal with a drumstick (not sure if for drums or from KFC) so she'd get arrested and (I'm guessing...) free medical care. They finally granted her wish and let us off the full aircraft. 40 years of flying in and out of this airport, never seen that before.
Hi Mooselake!

Happy to see you back since, sadly, I can't say there's much been going on here. I keep looking around for interesting news in the 3D printing world, but I haven't spotted much worth posting about. It doesn't help that no one has to log in to check the site - even I don't log in when I check, so it looks like no one is here. But while the numbers are less than they were, I still see that people are checking in quite a bit.

I'm periodically checking on the q3dprinter.com domain name - no change there either, still set to expire on the 29th. I think if there was anyone there who cared at all, we would have heard from them here. But time will tell.

Welcome back from Fla - must be a shock to arrive back home so far north after that Smile

Weather in Ohio has been fairly schizophrenic, though focusing a bit on the cold side. It won't be long until we're complaining about the heat though.

CRJ - gotta get me one of those Smile. My favorite passenger jet. Which I have to keep quiet, since my wife is from Brazil - she'd expect me to like an Embraer instead Smile.

I'm going to go see if I can rustle up something worth posting.

As expected, they're toast.
Officially Pronounced Dead

Curiously, the q3dprinter.com domain has been renewed - the expiry date is now 2019... but if you go there it is showing a tucows page saying the domain has expired. I don't know if tucows felt that it was worth reselling and kept it, or if q3d is renewing it, or someone else bought it. Regardless, it looks like something else might happen there eventually.
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