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Full Version: Special Project
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Hi All,

I'm working on something that should be quite interesting, assuming that it works out successfully Smile.

Here's a picture of a small piece of it, printing out on the CR-10.

(My internet is down, so I'm posting directly from my phone, if I can figure out how)

More to follow, I have a lot of printing to do, and need a lot of luck for the project to work.

Hi All,

Here is an image of part 2 of the project. The dang things are going to take 20+ hours to print.

I sure hope this thing works Smile.

More to come.
The project is on a short hold - vacation got in the way.
The project is back underway. However, I don't want to give away what it is just yet - to my knowledge, this exact thing hasn't been done before (as a DIY project), so I'm going to wait until I find out whether it works, or whether it's an epic fail Smile.

I am not the maker/inventor that I want to be yet, but I hope I'm able to pull this off. It might even be useful to others Smile.

Stay tuned. With the 4th of July holiday this week, I believe I will have time to finish it. All will be revealed, success or failure.

Alright, I changed my mind. A little. I decided to post a teaser.

Here is one part of the project completed.

Any guesses what I might be making? Smile

Quite a few clues in the image. If you already know because I told you, please don't post Smile.
Smile Smile Smile 

Hi All,

A portion of the project has just reached the testing stage. All I can say is it didn't explode (it wasn't supposed to explode Smile  ), and signs are quite promising. Very encouraging.

Of course, there's still time for it all to come crashing down.

By the way, I posted in this forum originally because the initial parts were being printed on the CR-10. That part is over now, so I'm going to be creating a new thread in a different forum when I reveal what the project is and how well it worked.

I'll post here as well when that happens, just in case anyone out there is interested Smile .

Alright! Here it is folks, the reveal!

I have created my own Air Sled Appliance Mover!

Intro and Demo videos are being uploaded to youtube as I type this.

Rather than going into detail here about the whole project (since only a part of it involved the CR-10), I will create a dedicated thread in the new Community Project Showcase forum shortly.

Thanks for looking, and enjoy the new project - my first significant new original content for fabric8r.com!


EDIT: Originally I said I would post in General Discussion, then I decided to add a new forum Smile
Hi All,

Here is the link to the new post in the Community Project Showcase: