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  OneUp V2 SIDEBRACE Redesign
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2018-02-09, 01:57 AM - Forum: Q3DPrinter (formerly QU-BD) Specific Discussion - No Replies

For those who have been reading my OneUp V2 Build Log, you will remember I did a post discussing a redesigned SIDEBRACE piece for the OneUp V2.

The SIDEBRACE piece, as designed by Q3D, is flawed.  In an attempt to remove "dead weight," the part is designed with a very narrow section that breaks.

My redesign is a little bulky, but makes for a much more durable part.

I am still not 100% positive on the end tab dimensions.  That may need tweaked once people start playing with it "out in the field."

[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

The attached ZIP file contains four files: 1) A DXF file (CAD drawing file) that can be converted to GCODE for a laser cutter to laser cut the part out of wood or melamime.  Material thickness is believed to be 6 mm.  2) An OpenSCAD file, which imports/extrudes the DXF file to 6 mm for 3D printing of the part.  3) The STL file generated by OpenSCAD.  4) A README file with some information in it.

I am still trying to get my OneUp functional at the time of this writing, so I am not looking to tear it back down to replace the 3D-printed SIDEBRACE pieces (old design - see the rest of my build log for more details) I am currently using.  Maybe after I get up and running, I will print the redesigned piece for comparison to my one good (original) SIDEBRACE piece.

If you end up tweaking the redesign further, post your updates as a reply to this thread.  That way, we will have all the design changes in one place, making the latest-and-greatest version easy to find.

Attached Files
.zip   SIDEBRACE_REDESIGNED_1.0.zip (Size: 13.05 KB / Downloads: 0)
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  New Forum - Creality CR-10
Posted by: Administrator - 2018-02-03, 11:36 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

We've added a new forum in the 3D Printing area - a special interest group for the Creality CR-10 family of printers.

Check it out!

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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2018-02-03, 11:32 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies


I've just noticed that our 'most online' count (the number of people using the site at the same time) jumped up 2 last night - there were 9 user browsing the site at the same time!

I know, I'm easily excited Smile.

But still, the site is showing a bit of growth, and that makes me happy. Especially since I haven't yet done some of the things I planned to improve the site and keep things interesting.

Well, I guess the next goal is 10 online at once. Onward and upward! Smile

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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2018-02-03, 11:22 AM - Forum: Creality CR-10 & 10S Special Interest Group - No Replies

Hello Everyone,

I purchased a Creality CR-10, and I think it's a great thing. I thought I'd open a special forum just for owners/users of these printers to share information. I'm aware that there is a facebook group that is popular, but I will never be on facebook - so, I decided to offer up this forum as an alternative.

Please join in and share your experiences and expertise.


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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2018-01-30, 08:04 PM - Forum: Resin Printers - Replies (1)

Hi All,

Spotted this kickstarter. Allegedly a super-fast resin printer. They are claiming 2 to 6 times as fast as the $250,000 Carbon3D printer.

I haven't figured out whether it's believable or useful or not, but the claimed print speeds are other-worldly. Prices aren't necessarily insane, either.


Enjoy. Post what you think about it.

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  OneUp V2 Build Log.
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2018-01-20, 11:22 PM - Forum: Q3DPrinter (formerly QU-BD) Specific Discussion - Replies (28)

The Beginning (again)

Since the "new" forum is still kinda thin on content, I figured I would publish a build log here, as I attempt to build a Q3D OneUp V2 kit.  I can document some of the mistakes/pitfalls I face, as sort of a pre-support role for others (i.e. You learn from my screw-ups).

For those not familiar with my odessey, I purchased a OneUp V2 kit a year ago, had a broken and a missing melemite part, tried to get support from the manufacturer, and got nowhere.

Anyway, I was all ready to attempt to build a Snappy 2.0, using the motors and electronics from this kit, when MrAcoustic really convinced me to attempt to build the OneUp.

Of course, it is a lot easier to get a friend with a 3D printer to print two small parts, than it is to get him to print an entire printer.  :-D

So, the adventure begins...

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  An introduction
Posted by: ScottHepner - 2018-01-12, 07:59 PM - Forum: Jewelry and Metalwork - Replies (5)

Hi, My name is Scott Hepner. I am a master goldsmith from Dublin, Ohio. I will be happy to answer any questions about Jewelry and metalwork that I can.

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  FormZ Free
Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2018-01-11, 11:27 PM - Forum: 3D Printing Software - Replies (5)

Alright, I can't seem to get any bites on my Moment of Inspiration post, so let's try something else.

I don't have a windows box set up at the moment, so I can't evaluate FormZ Free. Does anyone have any experience with that? The expensive FormZ flagship product looks pretty awesome - I just can't tell from the available information exactly how limited the free version is.

Anyone with any knowledge, please share Smile


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  Attatchmets and Uploads an'at (Oh my!)
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2018-01-09, 11:35 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (10)

So, when I first joined (a few days ago), I went to upload my Avatar for use on the site, and could not find a way to do it.  I could only point the site to the address of an existing Avatar on the Internet.  I don't have an existing Avatar on the Internet.  Now what?

Next, I was having some problems with OpenSCAD, and have generated some test cases, and was hoping I could find some people to play with them.  So, I decided to post over in 3D Printing Software.

My test case code is less than 50 lines of OpenSCAD code (which is easy enough to post as "code"), and a *.DXF file that is 1.5MB.

First, I could not attach the *.DXF to my post, because it is an invalid type.  I figured I would rename it with a *.TXT extension, and attach it that way, but then it hit the size limitation.

I ended up canceling my post.

So, now the questions:

1) Any way to upload my Avatar to the site?

2) What are the valid "types" for attachments?

3) Does the site support attaching a *.zip, or other compressed file?  Maybe I can get under the size limit via compression.

4) Was 3D Printing Software the correct forum to post with my issue, or was 3D Printing Help the correct forum?  My problem is actually with OpenSCAD, which is 3D CAD software, so I thought the Software Forum was more appropriate.

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  Snappy V2.0: Land of confusion.
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2018-01-08, 02:00 AM - Forum: 3D Printing Help - Replies (17)

Apologies if this gets longish.  I have not yet built, and have many questions.

I am planning to build a Snappy V2.0.

First problem:  I need a 3D printer to print the Snappy parts.  Oh, I guess I should mention (for those who are not aware): The Snappy is a **true** RepRap.  Literally, the entire thing is 3D printed.  You need motors, electronics, a bearing, and a couple of tiny nuts and bolts, and that's it.  Everything else is printed.

Anyway, I have a friend who bought/built a 3D printer kit, and is happily printing.  So, I am going to approach him with all the STL files, and the filament (around 2.4KG), and see if he is willing to help out.  As for the other parts, I am scavenging an aborted OneUp kit.

Second problem:  My OneUp kit came with only four NEMA17s and I need five for the Snappy.  I believe that the motors that came with the OneUp were Wantai 42BYGH610 from China (cannot confirm - hope we get the old fabric8r contact back soon). I would like to have all the same motors, as I think it simplifies things.  However, the 42BYGH610 is hard to find.  A set of three is for sale on eBay ($33 - pricey, as I only need one).  aliexpress.com has the motor advertised by (I believe) the manufacturer, for $8.95, but says that it is no longer available.

Another option would be to simply use a different NEMA17 for the fifth motor.  mpja.com has a motor who's specs come close:

Model:  32177 MS
Step:     1.8 degree
Lngth:     1-7/8" (47.625 mm)
Coil:   ~6 Volts/??? Amps/7 Ohn/15 MilliHenrys.
Wires:  4
Polar:  2-Phase, Bipolar
Torq:   ???
RI:     ???
DT:     ???
Wt:     0.75

Model:     42BYGH610
Step:     1.8 degree
Lngth:     40 mm
Coil:     6.5 Volts/1.2 Amps/6 Ohm/13 MilliHenrys
Wires:     4
Polar:  ???
Torq:     3000 gcm (41.662159670238 ozin)
RI:     54 g(cm^2)
DT:     220 gcm (3.05522504248412 ozin)
Wt:     0.24 Kg

Abbreviations:  RI=Rotor Inertia, DT=Detent Torque, Wt=Weight

So, this leads to all kinds of questions.  First, how does my RAMPS board know that one motor (which I will probably use as the extruder motor) is different?  Do I have to configure that in the firmware?  Is there a good tutorial out there for configuring firmware for differing motors?  Is it wise to even have an oddball motor in this scenario?

Also, I am planning to use the anubis print head that came with the OneUp kit.  Anybody have any hints/tips for using that head?

If anyone can verify the motors, or if using one oddball will help/hurt, or can offer any advice on this endeavor, please advise.

Thank you all in advance.

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