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Apologies rezasulaiman! - Administrator - 2020-11-15

Hi All,

I totally failed in my admin duties - I completely missed a post by rezasulaiman that was awaiting moderation (all first posts are moderated).

This was in the queue since September (where's an 'embarrassed' emoticon when you need one?).

I don't know how I missed it, and I apologize - hope this user stops back someday - they probably think the site is broken... which I guess it is since I missed it.

Once again, my apologies.


RE: Apologies rezasulaiman! - Mooselake - 2020-11-16

Will they get an email if you reply to their post?

Edit, sorry, see it was a registration w/o a first post

RE: Apologies rezasulaiman! - Mooselake - 2020-11-16

If you go look at the site linked in their profile it's a web design firm in Indonesia. Could be a comment on our site's design but there was no mention of CNC that I could find and they do give off a lot of spam vibes.