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So what the heck is tinyBot - mimicRobots - 2020-12-30

Hi folks,
   While some folks got here from the mimicRobots Facebook and Instagram pages, this post is for those that didn't and have no idea what we do. tinyBot is our latest product, and it's a small (about 4 inches tall) educational robot arm. tinyBot is controlled using a set of 8 buttons, but kids can also program tinyBot using the Arduino IDE and our special software, mimicBlock. It's an affordable, approachable way to bring robotics home.
[Image: BluetinyBotwithtoys_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1604755127]
[Image: circuitboard_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1604755151]
[Image: fingersoperatingbluetinyBot_1024x1024@2x...1604755151]
[Image: greenandorangeplayball2_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1604755151]