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OpenMV Cam H7 - MisterAcoustic - 2018-09-18

Hi All,

Here's a kickstarter project for the OpenMV Cam H7:


It's a programmable camera platform for machine vision.

If you'd like your robots to 'see' the environment, this will do it for you.

I have a different machine vision camera, the Pixy (https://pixycam.com/pixy-cmucam5/), and it's pretty fun. The H7 looks far more customizable, both in hardware, and software. For comparison, there is a newer Pixy2 (https://pixycam.com/pixy2/) but the H7 still has the customization advantage, and some claim it performs better as well.

In any case, I find all of these technologies really fun and interesting. I hope you do too.