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Rep Rap Full Discount Controller - B3N - 2018-09-22

Hello all! 

Back to tinkering and breaking my 2up.... 

Does anyone know how to modify the Info Screen of the Rep Rap display? i still have all the base stuff. I.E. filament run out display and showing i have 3 hotends... 

searching the internet is only guides on how to get it to work. i cant seem to find any infos on where to modify the actual menu options. 


RE: Rep Rap Full Discount Controller - MisterAcoustic - 2018-09-23

Hi B3N,

I can't say that I know much about it - however, I'm trying to come up to speed quickly in order to help. I could be wildly off base on any of this.

I think the controller you mention is actually running the Marlin firmware. I found a page on Marlin configuration, which includes the ability to add custom menu items, and execute some g-code when the item is selected.

See the 'Even More Options..." section on this page:


I also noticed that there are quite a few configuration options for menus and features in general there, so some of those might be of interest to you (just search 'menu' on the page itself).

I don't currently have any idea how you get your updated configuration to run on the controller, but I will try to find out more - it's past time I looked into this sort of thing anyway.