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It's a SECRET! - MisterAcoustic - 2019-03-20

Hi All!

I just got an email where someone told me not to tell anyone about it until March 26th.

But I did find what they told me to be very interesting Smile.

I guess I can't say anything more, other than perhaps to note that I'm already making plans for them to take my money Smile.

I think quite a few people checking in here will be very interested as well. But... I guess you'll have to wait until the 26th!

Check back - I'll let the cat out of the bag absolutely as soon as possible.

You heard it here first!


RE: It's a SECRET! - MisterAcoustic - 2019-03-25


I'm letting the cat out of the bag!

For anyone who actually looked at the post above, here it is!


The makers of 3D Gloop are kickstarting their next-generation spray paint/3D printed surface smoother - called Glooped!

I really think this has some cool applications, and I'm planning to back the clear version, and one color.

They have a pretty high financial goal, so it will be interesting to see if they can generate enough interest and support. I hope so, I'd like to have the products.


RE: It's a SECRET! - MisterAcoustic - 2019-05-27

Sadly, this project was not successful.

It's totally understandable though, they set (IMO) an unrealistic goal of $150,000 - I would have been shocked if they had made it, even though I thought the product had excellent potential.

If they are able to mount a new campaign with different parameters, I will post about it here.