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No info on Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2019 - mr_intensity - 2019-05-01

After seeing MrAcoustic's cool post on the MakerX Fair in Columbus, I figured I would look up the next Maker Faire for Pittsburgh, and post the information.

What I found was that the Pittsburgh Maker Faire went on hiatus in 2018, and that the producer (Children's Museum of Pittsburgh) is re-evaluating their role as producer for future faires.  Reference: https://pittsburgh.makerfaire.com/2018/09/17/whats-happening-in-2018/

Now, Maker Faire 2017 was in October, so assuming that is the normal time of the year for the Faire, there is plenty of time to announce a 2019 Faire, but it is not looking good in the Steel City.

An alternative site (http: //pghmakerfaire.com/) popped up in 2018, but is very vague, and does not list any dates for faires.  You can send them an E-mail for ticket reservations.  The lack of dates/locations, combined with some poor English on the site, makes me think that this is a phishing site to harvest E-mail addresses to SPAM.