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Kudo3D Bean - MisterAcoustic - 2017-11-15

Hi All!

I am anxiously awaiting my Kudo3D Bean resin printer.

I backed the kickstarter:

Anyone else out there getting in on this one?

I'm very hopeful that the end result will be a very capable printer at a very nice price (for me anyway, since I backed on day 1 and got early bird pricing) Smile.


RE: Kudo3D Bean - MisterAcoustic - 2018-01-11

The Kudo3D Bean is delayed about six weeks.

I'd say that the very best case would be March, and more likely April for my machine to be delivered.

I'm still anxious to get it - I think my printer appetite will finally be sated for a while. The Creality CR-10 is doing great as my large volume filament printer, and the Bean will cover the small volume extremely fine detail end of things.

Can't wait... but I have to Smile

RE: Kudo3D Bean - Mooselake - 2018-01-12

Good Luck!

April probably means September 2020 or so.  I'm disappointed with the wave of big buck little delivery 3D printers on KS (disclaimer, I have 2 including one of only 2 Thingybot Deltas that actually got delivered).  In no special order, Peachy (founder stole the proceeds to build a house), Tiko (never trust a project that starts with lawyers and marketing consultants before engineering), Buccaneer, lots more.

For fun google "failed 3d printer kickstarter"

That said I've got several KS projects, including the Maslow out in my barn waiting for either heat or the return of warm weather.  The Maslow is only getting better so the delay isn't a problem and might even be a bonus


RE: Kudo3D Bean - MisterAcoustic - 2018-01-13

Hi Mooselake,

Oh believe me, I'm familiar with failed crowd funding campaigns Sad

I've actually only lost about $50, but I've had a fair amount of unusable junk shipped to me. Thankfully, I did not back the Peachy Printer, or it would have been worse. I thought hard about the Tiko too, because I do want a delta printer some day, but I let it go.

I backed the Bean because Kudo3D is a going concern, they make the Titan high end resin printer. Basically they are taking a commodity-style resin printer, and grafting on their slightly different/better means of separating layers from the vat.

I think they'll get it done, and I think it will be good. However, there's still plenty of time for me to be wrong about that Smile

RE: Kudo3D Bean - Mooselake - 2018-01-15

With rare exceptions about all I support on KS is the odd social goodness project, and modest contributions to projects from people I know - Mine Kafton, OpenRail, V-Slot, that kinda thing. I knew the Thingybot Delta creator through another forum and was backer #2. He delivered 2, had some problems, and went silent leaving the other 10+ backers in the lurch. Maslow was a gamble that paid off, and a very well run KS. In my more naive days I also received my piles of non-working junk. The only real screwing I've had was Q3's RPM pre-order, never got major pieces and got an incomplete box of parts for the rest. Lost around $3K, painful but not fatal.

I'm skeptical about projects from established companies. Either they're unable to convince their banker that the new product is worth it, or they're not convinced themselves and are unwilling to risk their own money. Either way, not good. Startups and other starry eyed creators are by definition risky, have a entrepreneurial daughter that spends all her time shaking the venture capital money tree, but those are sharp penciled investors who want at least a decent chance of a good (enough to pay for all the losers) return. KS is for small scale investments, the multi-million projects are a big red flag.

Any money given to a KS project is a contribution, and gambling if you're hoping to actually receive something. Never risk more than you can lose...

RE: Kudo3D Bean - MisterAcoustic - 2018-05-16

Hi All,

Just an update to report that the Kudo3D Bean resin printer appears to have passed the necessary electronics certifications. They had an issue with the material used for the vat, but they are testing a version from a different material. They say it's working, and they've ordered a sample run of 100 that they expect to ship with the first 100 printers. IIRC, I'm backer number 367. They are planning to produce a minimum of 30 printers per day once production gets started.

It ain't over 'til it's over, but it's looking like progress.

RE: Kudo3D Bean - MisterAcoustic - 2018-06-15


Looks like the Bean is shipping to actual backers.

Here's a review by a backer:

Right now, Kudo3D do not have a good shipping solution worked out, and people who are getting their printers are paying a lot for shipping. Nevertheless, the thing does appear to exist, and as hoped, the print quality is awesome.

Here's another reviewer/backer - there are two recorded live streams. As such, they're a bit lame in spots, so you'd have to be pretty interested in the printer to want to watch them. The link is for the guys channel, and if you wait a moment, recent streams will load. I watched 'Basics' and 'Most Recent Video' - though those are probably subject to change. Here it is:


I'm still waiting on any word about mine, but I'm happy to wait until they solve the shipping cost issue.


RE: Kudo3D Bean - evilpolygon - 2018-07-21

just pay the 200$ . think it also pays for all the tariffs and import duty fees . i got mine delivered straight to my door . no questions asked . mind you at $500+ usd . import fee would have been $300cand . ruffly $200usd -_- . same .......

RE: Kudo3D Bean - Raccoon3D - 2018-08-08

(2018-07-21, 04:54 AM)evilpolygon Wrote: just pay the 200$ . think it also pays for all the tariffs and import duty fees . i got mine delivered straight to my door . no questions asked . mind you at $500+ usd . import fee would have been $300cand . ruffly $200usd -_- . same .......

Hi Evilpoly,

So you're in Canada too ? Smile  Where did you find the information that it would cost 300$ in duty & taxes (!!!!??) if shipped I assume via USPS & Canada Post ? I have no idea what the situation is about duty & so on for 3D printers imports from Taiwan, and no idea if/how they would calculate and view the whole thing if they bring my unit by container to the US and then ship it from California to Canada by USPS as I have been trying to convince them to do to reduce cost. I was under the impression that going via the Express airmail direct from Taiwan via the private shipping Co. would in fact inflate the price.  

Did you speak to the Canadian customs about that supposed cheaper duty if we get our units by that private shipping company direct from Taiwan ? My experience with UPS, TNT,, FedEx, etc, is that their "private brokerage" firm is what usually dramatically inflate the cost of duty fees versus going via the national postal services.

RE: Kudo3D Bean - Raccoon3D - 2018-08-15

Hi Evi poly, 

I would need help please with finding the tariffs and duty and over tax for 3D printers imported into Canada. Since you already received your Bean it would be very easy to check all the numbers and codes the Canadian Customs used which are written on the way bill that came with your package. I really need to check and prepare how much I will need to pay for this and if I'll go with direct Airmail from Taiwan or shipping by container & then ship from California to Canada as I tried too ask Kudo to do to obtain a much  cheaper shipping cost via shipping by USPS, but with the recent fight between the US & Canada on tariffs for imports/exports and then also on metals and parts made of aluminum, steel, I want to make sure. I tried getting the info via the Customs website but they have a 1600 plus page document and don't seem to have a specific "3D printer" category... so it makes it very difficult to find on my own. Having dealer with these people before years ago they are not the patient type either if you don't have the specific code for classification for the item category... It will be much more simple to simply look up the codes ^ tariffs they gave you for your machine. 

Could you please help ?

Thanking you in advance.