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Registration Email Problem - Administrator - 2019-11-25

Hi All,

I haven't tracked down the issue yet, but there is some evidence that there is a problem with some of the registration emails.

Everyone who has registered that I am aware of has had their account activated. If any recently registered folks can't log in to the forum, please let me know the details of the problem at fabric8rsite@gmail.com.


RE: Registration Email Problem - Administrator - 2019-11-26

Hi All,

I've investigated a little further, and everything appears to be working as it should.

What has changed is that for some reason, I am now receiving a copy of the activation emails sent to users when they register. The emails do seem to be addressed properly, I just receive a copy. I can only assume this is some new feature of our email provider. It wasn't happening originally....

But since the right folks appear to be receiving the messages, I will just live with the copies coming in.

As stated above, if anyone is having problems with the site, drop us an email at the address mentioned previously.