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Gravity Sketch!
Hi All,

We acquired an Oculus Quest to help my son enjoy the pandemic a little more Smile.

Eventually, I heard about Gravity Sketch. OH MY GOD - this program is awesome!

It's hard to express just how magnificent this is in comparison to regular 3D modeling programs (which are fundamentally 2D in how they display things on a screen).

With Gravity Sketch - YOU are in the space with the model. You can walk around your design, or through it. When you draw, objects are created where your hand moved in 3D space.

You can draw a complex 3D curve simply by moving your hand in three dimensions - and then, you can create a complementary curve by threading your stroke right through and all around the first one.

It exports to .obj, and most if not all operations produce manifold objects - so it's quite suitable for producing output for 3D printing. It imports as well, if you want to start from existing objects.

As if that wasn't mind blowing enough (and it is, believe me) - the price of the software right now is $22. Yep, twenty two dollars. Now, for best effect, you need a Quest or other VR headset as well - but take my word for it - this is the best deal I've ever heard of for 3D modeling software.

If I didn't impress upon you how different and fantastic this is, feel free to ask questions. Is it perfect? No. Does it have every feature just the way I want it? No. But at the moment I can't imagine modeling in anything else (although, starting something in OpenSCAD might be useful to get engineering scale more easily at the start).

Everyone - if you have a VR headset - buy this immediately. If you don't have a headset, consider if the price of the best 3D software ever were $522 for a lifetime license. It would still be a steal - go buy a Quest too, if you do modeling. I don't think you'll regret it.


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