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All Ye Who Register Here
Hi All,

I don't know why, but there seem to be a lot of people out there in the world willing to go through the registration process on the forum, just so they can make some spam posts before getting banned.

There aren't so many registrations that I can't police every one. Sometimes it takes me a while to see a new registration and investigate it - I apologize if your real registration is delayed, but that's the price we pay for keeping the spammers out.

I'm just venting because our last two registrations were from proven spammers... It's sad, but there it is.

We love REAL members who want to talk about real maker interests. We don't love spammers, and we try not to let them in. Ever.

To all the spammers reading this, please stop wasting your time and mine with this %&^#$%&.


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