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Snappy V2.0: Land of confusion.
(2018-01-12, 01:46 AM)mr_intensity Wrote: Wish I had a caliper
Some friendly advice:  Don't EVER give up on an aircraft project.
Calipers are maybe 10 bucks at Horror Fright, a little more at the Jeff Bezos megastore (you know, home of the Kindle).  The cheap ones are "good enough", from reviews and personal use accurate and usable, just not as abuse tolerant as a Mitotoyo.
Haven't really given up but realistic enough to know it's not likely to be finished, and I probably couldn't pass a physical any more.  We decided the liability risk isn't worth what we'd get for it, alas.  QAC had a customer who, after being told his work was inadequate and unsafe, flew anyway, crashed, and broke his heels.  He sued, lost, and the legal costs put Quickie out of business
Original Printrbot Plus, modified
Thingybot Delta
QU-BD One Up (parts, received with bad motor)
QU-BD RPM (incomplete box-o-parts, milling package never received)
Maslow CNC (4'x8' chain driven router)
Zenbot Mini (6"x8" router, LinuxCNC)
SainSmart Genmitsu 3018Pro
Ender 3 Pro
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