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Gravity Sketch!
(2021-02-02, 02:46 PM)Mooselake Wrote: Is that the original or the OQ2?  What did it cost to make it actually usable?  I need prisms in my glasses for double vision, can you either wear glasses or adjust one of the eyes left/right/up/down?


Hi Kirk,

Gravity Sketch is available for both the original Quest, and the Quest 2. I happen to have both - bought an original quest for my son at the beginning of the pandemic, which is how I found out about the program. Then, when the Quest 2 came out, I bought one for myself. For me, they are about equal - I say this because I think the original Quest controllers are better than the Q2, but Q2 has a strong advantage in visual quality and performance. If it weren't for the degraded controllers, the Q2 would have it hands down. YMMV.

The Q2 apparently has more options/space for dealing with glasses - it even ships with a different nose piece that you can put in. The Q2 ships with a lower quality head strap than the Q1, but an upgraded one is available for $50. I bought the upgrade, but found the one that came with it to be 'okay-ish' enough that I haven't even installed the other one. I believe it will be much better - I just haven't had much time for the Quest at all lately - large amounts of other stuff has been getting in the way. I have been trying to come up to speed on the latest Gravity Sketch update, which is what prompted me to post the update about the price change here.

I really like what either headset can do even when not tethered to a PC - I have never used one with a PC driving it in fact. It really cleans up the experience in my opinion, and makes it somewhat worth strapping a big chunk of plastic to your head to try and see something that isn't really there Smile


PS - about the price - I paid $300 total for a Quest 2 and an upgraded strap. I also paid dearly by being forced to have a Facebook account. The monetary price is totally worth it in my opinion.
Oh and also, the Q1 has a fully variable adjustment for the distance between the eyes. The Q2 has like three fixed detents, so it's still flexible but not as good. You can get it to go between the detents if it's really needed, but it's not ideal.

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