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No CNC routing section
(2020-11-16, 05:18 PM)Mooselake Wrote: I was thinking of posting some ramblings on my still wishful thinking CNC ornamental turning 4th axis router, but there's no appropriate section.  Maybe a CNC section with subsections for routers, mills, lathes, and other?


Hi Mooselake,

It's a good suggestion. In fact, I just tore apart an old entertainment center - because it had folding doors, and the mechanism on each side used a pair of 17 inch drawer slides, with mounting hardware for a cross piece. The bottom line is, it's going to make a perfect moving table for a junk cnc router.

On the other hand, I'm sad to say that I think the experiment of this site is about to be declared a failure. My idea was that there might be enough people interested in the old QU-BD machines and the ensuing drama to make enough of a spark for something to carry on. I'd say with certainty now that I was wrong about that. I don't have enough time to start producing significant content for the site myself to draw any more visitors... so I've been thinking about dramatically reducing the number of forums, rather than increasing them.

I will think about it - certainly won't hurt in the short term, just a few more bits flipped in the database... I'll let you know.


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