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Hurry! Great printer on sale
Good luck with GearBest. I bought a diode laser engraver from them a couple months ago, and it came DOA. The microUSB connector had been poorly soldered and broke off.

I went through the whole send them video of a busted machine routine, they admitted it was defective/DOA, then said I could return it at my own expense (with subsided China Post they pay very little for shipping, but my cost was only a couple bucks cheaper than the $80 I paid for the device). Their stated policy is they pay, when I pointed that out they offered me a choice between a $20 store credit or $20 off another one. I took the $20. I'd forgotten I'd used PayPal, taking the pittance meant I couldn't try an appeal through them. At least now I can see if my SMD soldering skills are up to snuff and try repairing it.

GB has a lot of good deals, and some great bargains, but since they won't honor their DOA/Warranty policy (many others have reported the same) you're taking a risk of receiving something that doesn't work. I won't buy anything more than a few bucks from them again...
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