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Snappy V2.0: Land of confusion.
(2018-01-12, 01:46 AM)mr_intensity Wrote: Wish I had a caliper
Some friendly advice:  Don't EVER give up on an aircraft project.
Calipers are maybe 10 bucks at Horror Fright, a little more at the Jeff Bezos megastore (you know, home of the Kindle).  The cheap ones are "good enough", from reviews and personal use accurate and usable, just not as abuse tolerant as a Mitotoyo.
Haven't really given up but realistic enough to know it's not likely to be finished, and I probably couldn't pass a physical any more.  We decided the liability risk isn't worth what we'd get for it, alas.  QAC had a customer who, after being told his work was inadequate and unsafe, flew anyway, crashed, and broke his heels.  He sued, lost, and the legal costs put Quickie out of business
Original Printrbot Plus, modified
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QU-BD One Up (parts, received with bad motor)
QU-BD RPM (incomplete box-o-parts, milling package never received)
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Zenbot Mini (6"x8" router, LinuxCNC)
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Hi mr_intensity,

>>> ...and I do not have the big curve in the SIDEBRACE, because it is non-circular...

I know this is a problem that you don't need to solve in any way, but just to put some information out there:

OpenSCAD Bezier Curve Library

Could be useful (or just fun) for someone else.
So, I wan't as close as I thought with the SIDEBRACE piece.  I used the Stream Editor (sed) to convert the points from my polygon command to PostScript.  Then, I laid a millimeter grid over it.  This way, I could lay the broken pieces (and in the end, the one good piece) on a printout of the grid/part, and make adjustments.

Oh man, I was off here and there on different parts of the shape..  You'll see on my final grid that the circular cutouts are not there (these are difference()d out after the polygon is drawn in OpenSCAD, so they are not part of the grid.  The circular cutouts are still just guesses, though.

The grid and a picture from OpenSCAD are attached.

The big, non-cirrcular curve is close.  I'll have to see if it works.

I ended up asking my buddy to 3D Print only these parts, and I will at least try to build the OneUp from them.

MisterAcoustic, Mooselake, thank you for your support.  I may post some of my progress on the filament printer forum.

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(2018-01-13, 11:41 AM)MisterAcoustic Wrote: ...OpenSCAD Bezier Curve Library

Could be useful (or just fun) for someone else.

I wish I would have read this before I shipped the SIDEBRACE to my buddy..  I'll have to look at this library.

Is there a helical thread (did I get that term right?) library, out there?  I'd like to 3D Print screws, and such.
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Another option is just to get your friend to print two of the ones you have already, so both sides match Smile

Found this:
I read a little more closely about the nutsnbolts library, and apparently it does not produce proper threads (non-manifold).

There is another library that claims to do manifold threads. The license says that commercial use is NOT allowed:

Seems like you could use nutsnbolts to block everything out, and place threads where needed using the other one.
After I asked the question, I decided to see how difficult it would be to find the answer. What I found is that there is something like half a zillion libraries out there for doing threads. So, now I have to figure out which one is the "best" one to use. "Best" of course involves many criteria (standards, pipe vs. bolt, metric vs. SAE, license, ease-of-use, etc.).

The adventure continues...
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As far as threads go, I stumbled across one that looked pretty good.  I started using it, and found out it was buried in my copy of the OpenSCAD manual, under the "Libraries" section:

As for the OneUp, see attached.  My buddy printed the parts on Monday, and I pick them up tonight.

I may continue this thread (more like succeed this thread with a new one) over in the Q3D Printer Specific Discussion section, as I build my OneUp.

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