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my first printer
another update . kudo replied back to me with the downloadable firmware . i can now put in a 32gb sdcard . maybe swap out the pi3b for a plus . they are stumped on the fact my hood fell apart like cards . they are considering to swap out the acrylic on the lcd to glass. more pics to follow .

evilpoly is the loggin i use for my cell . evilpolygon is my computer . i cant seem to post pics on my cell yet thats how i take pictures . lol

*update i found how to post pics

pics of the vat . repair successful . good as new . not pretty but it works


the possitions pins i broke off while handling the vat got replaced with paperclips .
so i played with kudo3d slicer/support app. nice interface . great slicer preview . easy to use interface . im haveing the same problem as i did with Slacer . its slow and it crashes . so kudo wants me to pay for this .

think ill stick to nanodlp .

found myself a glass backplate . very pricey .
so i tried to swap out the pi3b for a plus . nope doesnt work .

i successfully seperated the acrylic with the lcd . i talked to a fepshop that sells the lcd without the acrylic . apparently it doesnt come with one . so im puzzled to understand why one is needed in the first place.

i also glued my green hood back together . not the best of jobs but it works .
thought i would post something possitive about kudo3d . so far i have been in contact with kudo for over a week . emails are responded within the next following day or within 30min. if your up in the wee hours at the right timezone. they have bean the best of at help at answering my questions. thier product is sound . the packageing of thier product well thought out. design also very sleek . the materials in the product is well built heavy grade metal with a matte powdercoated finish. they use all the newest hardware available with very nice thought out simple arangement to best suit the tiny desktop product. thier support has been very helpful and understanding with my constant bombardment of jibberesh i test them on. that said they never really answered anything. as for my last test of the company i ordered some parts and product over $200usd . promise of a set rate for delivery . lets see how they live up to the expectation ive set for them . so far they have passed . for now . im quite happy to find them launching out helpful videos and updated firmware with downloadable content with links that work. as of now they have exceeded most of my expectations and met all promises they made. i feel rest assured when i go to bed at night knowing they are reputable and do deliver. that all said and done with the pros there are cons. course there has to cons. regardless of how the company ranks they are still limited on the foundation that they rest on . wether its the little guy sweeping the floor or cleaning the toilet it does effect the chain . with responses of the product ariving at my door with other peers receiving the product with baseis of how will the packaging is . they do repond with some imaginative arguements that leave me with my eyes rolling and my brain with more questions.

so my two cents on the Bean . love it . prints well . well made . some things i would do dfferently and prolly will modify. if its broken . nothing i cant resolve on my own. ive dissmantled my bean put it back together and swapped out parts. used different software and it stll keeps ticking .

hope you all will have a pleasant experience as i have with my first real printer . with the kickstarter price what do you expect . parts alone is worth what i payed for it.
so i got bored and wanted to solve an issue i have with the bean and opened it up to rearrange some of the wiring. opted the space for the pi was too small so i relocated it not to mention its about a micron to close to the housing that may or may not cause a short.  i replaced the cord linking the mega to the pi for it was too short . ill have to get one that is of the right length later but for now i put what i had at hand in. next is to de-solderer the usb port and pins so i can fit the cover back on and drill some holes for ventilation. prolly will fix the wifi problem Kudo3d had initially expressed too. might need to trim the pi supports down etc. 
i cut myself some  single pane 3mm glass today . grinded the sides with a diamond grinder in water with my dremel . ugly job . but it fits . barely . id say just pay the guy $20 and have him custom cut you a piece. course it was more fun my way.
dsoldered the usb and pins so the cover can go back on flush.
so after leaving my machine off for a week the black dots on my screen have disappeared. i suppose it was some liquid that got in between the glass. i have searched online and it does seem to be a problem in some cases on lcd screens and phones. most people just use their fingernail to push it off. im curious how they form in the first place. anyone can help on this research ?
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