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my first printer
(2018-07-25, 01:59 PM)evilpolygon Wrote: so after leaving my machine off for a week the black dots on my screen have disappeared. i suppose it was some liquid that got in between the glass. i have searched online and it does seem to be a problem in some cases on lcd screens and phones. most people just use their fingernail to push it off. im curious how they form in the first place. anyone can help on this research ?

Hi evilpolygon,

First, about the problem - I'm wondering if it's related to the issues you had previously with liquid buildup inside the case. I'm thinking there just might be some weather inside the box Smile. Is there an exhaust fan? Have you tried any kind of dehumidifier, either a machine or perhaps something like a silica dessicant?

Second - things appear to be weird with your account settings. If I just come to the forum without logging in, I can see all of your posts. But then I tried to log in to reply - and the post wasn't there!. I logged out, and clicked the Reply button on the post itself, then logged in, and I was able to reply. Even more weird is the fact that I don't think that the problem is limited to your posts as evilpolygon - I think some of your other posts are missing in some circumstances as well. I will look into it on my end as well.
yes i did notice some liquid around the machine and inside of it when i got it . i wiped it down . hind sight i should have did what the instructions told me and put tape around the LCD gap. i did a search online about the black spots . it seems to be a common thing. in cell phones its moisture. LCD panels and tvs its the liquid in the LCD that has some how separated or something has gotten between the thin layers. some suggested to just push it out with you nail or Q-tip. some say the LCD needs to be replaced. either case my replacement screen has arrived.

there are 2 fans in the machine . one on the bottom and one on the back.

yes i see that too. i think the posts fix themselves after a few days . think its when i post pics?

Finally some one with all the same issues i have
im an idiot. i was replacing the LCD and i shorted out the hdmi to mipi board . i think im done with this . to the scrap for parts it goes.

i need to find another driver board now ... sigh .

Fixed it . looks like i just needed to by pass the fuse. see that clump of solder? thats what you gotta do . on with other issues!! hurray!
Hi Evilpolygon,

I have backed the bean and have only been reading bad stuff about it.
Still I'm hopeful and excited to receive mine regardless of the bad stuff.
I'm happy to see that with some DIY stuff can be taken care of.
Your log on your adventures with this 3d printer have been a very informative and nice read so far.
I hope you get yours in good shape again.
Looking forward to future logs

thanks bokkie . i have had nothing but pleasures with this unit . im kind of happy with it . but yet i have mixed feelings with it. i just hope there would be more bean users to share in my adventures and hope to solve some of them. sadly im on my own atm. but if my misfortunes can become your fortune then its well worth it.

most of the bad stuff is the consumables . ive bean lurking on the other communities such as the wanhao and anycubic community sites and they also report the same problems . vat leaking and also LCD screen life. did you know creality is making a LCD printer too? looks like this new tech might have a good following . either case i think the bean is the best of these designs . coming from a DIY stand point there's so much room for improvements on the bean. and the consumables aren't that costly from kudo . fepshop sells the same LCD for 49euros . almost $100 cand and like 120usd for me. that's just the screen with no faceplate or back plate . kudo sells theirs for 79usd as an assembly . faceplate LCD and acrylic backing. for me it was $40usd to ship to me to my door at a flat rate. HA! i loaded up on resin and film.

atm im looking at trying to get the darn wifi working on my pi. i tried everything . going to try and swap out the card with raspian installed to see if its a software driver issue . then ill swap out for a new pi. someone i heard has got it to work but not for me .
so i have to post this before i forget . if you want to upgrade your sdcard for your pi email Kudo3d support . they will be more than happy to give the files to you . also if you press the button on the back of the machine to shut down it will corrupt the file on the pi . ive done this. hence why im sharing.
79.00$US for replacement screen at Kudo3D ?? 


That's too much for me... even worse including shipping. 

You can get the same Sharp screen from Ebay or from various HK sales platform for 47 to 54$US or so and several offer free shipping. So I will definitely go there instead.

For comparison purpose an  iPad screen Gen 3 or 4 is about 35$ US (8.9 inch). So that's an inflated price just for a mass produced 5.5 inch small screen. If I include shipping plus taxes & duty (to be verified) the 5.5 inch screen would 3nd up costing me over 75,00$ Canadian. Expensive, especially if I have to buy 8 or more a year assuming they last 500 hours. How many hours fid you get out of your screen Evil poly before it started showing black dots ?
Oops ?  Looks like my post did not go through ?
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