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Looking for Setup Instructions - OneUp/TwoUp
Hi CyberMars,

Glad the files helped, and sorry it took me so long to find them. I really just missed something fairly obvious in my first search... that's the way it goes I guess.

Having the files available widely is a good thing, so more folks can find them if needed. However, I wouldn't object if people were finding them here more often - the forums could use a little boost Smile
Of course. 

If I come across someone who needs them anywhere I’ll link to the forums here.
Thanks for this thread; I couldn't find the setup files either. I am now working hard on doing my build and have gotten rather far.

It seems that I'm missing a hardware bag and the YCUTBELT for the Chassis Sub Assembly. I've looked everywhere on Amazon and other places to be able to contact the seller to no avail... Did this company have something go wrong or something? Their website with the instructions went down and now I can't contact the seller... Anyone know anything about this?
Hi rethseffer, and welcome to the forums. I'm very limited in my ability to post right now - I'm tracking and I only have my phone.

Yes, the makers of the OneUp and TwoUp appear to have crashed and burned. The domain used to provide done of their support. I picked up the domain when they let it lapse, and I am not associated in any way with the previous owners. I just have several if their printers.

I can't easily get to the docs right now to look at the parts you mention. I do have a few pieces of hardware left over from an upgrade, but I have no idea if they match something you need.

I'll follow up when I get back and see if we can't get you sorted out.

That's traveling, not tracking Smile. Couldn't manage to edit the post on my phone.
(2018-12-23, 02:44 PM)CyberMars Wrote: Thanks for posting the link.  I was able to download the files.  I received a 'project' QU-BD and will be trying to get it going.  Need to print some parts, and figure out the electronics.

Permanent link on The Internet Archive:

Contains all 3 PDF files, should be suitable for linking anywhere else on the net.
(2018-12-22, 03:07 AM)MisterAcousti Wrote: Thanks for posting the files.  Hope to use them on a project QU-BD that I got.

Hi CyberMars,

Okay, these look like the real deal. There are a couple of versions, so I hope you can match them with what you need.

I hope these help. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
Thanks for posting the links. (hope this post gets thru).
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