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new to me oneup
ConfusedMy OneUp came with the NoelJean Gantry replacement, and I am sure they are better than stock, but still didn't support the right side as well as I would have liked.  I found a different set on thingiverse that are working a lot better for me:  They hold the horizontal rods much tighter than the NoelJean pieces as they have the benefit of nuts/bolts in addition to fit to keep everything really tight.  My X-gantry is rock solid now.  The Noel Jean pieces do work with direct drive btw if you do decide to go that route.  

I have run across your build log!  It was a good reference when I first got my OneUp.  I got mine off ebay for something to do, it's been fun and has gotten me up to speed on all thing 3d printing but man has it been a basket case to keep going. I did get an Ender 3 a few weeks ago and it comes with its own learning curve, ex. Anything will stick to the heated glass bed on OneUp but not so much on the Ender 3.   I still have hope for the OneUp to work alongside it, one day.

I have come across the z-rod braces but have not printed them out to see how they work yet.  I didn't really like how they had to mount on the bottom but if they help the sway then it might be worthwhile.  

At this point the only MDF I have left is the base and that's great.  I recommend printing out the Y-drive and replacing that while you are at it.  The bearing bolts actually thread into MDF  Confused
Concerning the sway, give this one a look-see:

At least it works from the top. I am thinking the Z leadscrew can act as a third support when secured at the top. Maybe get some triangulation going in the handle to help brace things.

You ought to do a post on some of your mods. I would like to see your printed out Y-drive.

Also, it should not be hard to 3D-print an entire base. You would have to do it in sections (especially if you are using the OneUp to print it) though, and bolt together with M3/M4 hardware.
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Concerning that last thingieverse link I posted: The maker in that post has a dead link to the Home Despot. Apparently, at some point, they dropped Crown Bolt as the supplier of the bronze flange bearing. Everbuilt is the new supplier, and the new link is as follows:
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