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Hosting Disaster PLEASE READ!
Hi All,

We're not dead!!!

On the morning of April 23, our hosting provider (A2Hosting) had a major issue with some of their windows-based web servers. (For reasons that are less and less relevant all the time, I chose a windows hosting plan. This will likely change.)

Once they discovered that they had a problem, they took all their windows hosting offline, which included

This morning, April 25th, they were finally able to restore service to our site. We suffered roughly 52 hours of downtime due to this issue.

I believe that they had to restore this site from a backup, which they say should have been within 24 hours of the outage. I haven't spotted any missing posts or users, but please confirm that everything is as it should be. If something is missing, please re-post, or if a user was dropped, please re-register. It's extremely unlikely that your user is not present on purpose.

In due time, we will take steps to ensure we don't suffer a total communication blackout again. Hopefully, in the unlikely event something like this happens again, we will at least be able to show you a page saying why we're down.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this situation, please post them in the General Discussion section.

Hi All,

No, really, we're not dead!

After I made the previous post yesterday, our hosting provider had a further issue which knocked our site offline for another 24+ hours.

We will very likely be switching away from our current hosting provider. Every provider is going to have downtime, but an outage of this length tells me they did not have an adequate plan for a major event like this. I have backups of our forums that aren't terribly old, and I could have switched already, but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm not any more. If the site stays up, I will begin making backups in preparation for moving hosts.

I remember being on the provider side of similar issues, increasingly glad I'm retired from the ISP (and now pretty much every) business

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