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Air Sled Appliance Mover!!!
Hi All,

I have a small update. I got a chance to do some testing on the device today, and I'm pretty sure that a significant issue is my hose assembly.

I discovered that the amount of air reaching the feet is dramatically reduced from what's coming out of the end of the leaf blower.

After some searching, I found a decent hose to use for an upgrade. Once I get the hose, I will print a new adapter (already designed, just waiting for final dimensions). It so happens that the hose comes with flexible ends and clamps that can be tightened, which I will use on the ends that go to the feet. That way I won't need to print any adapters for that end.

I'm thinking that the lifting power will increase substantially with this change. I also noticed that the holes in the bottom near to the inlet are passing more air than holes farther away - I may try to plug just a few of those to help balance lifting with friction reduction.

The adventure continues! Smile


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