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tinyBot Assembly
Hi folks,
   Now that more tinyBot kits have hit the streets, I thought I'd post a few assembly tips.

First off, don't over tighten! The screws only need to be slightly more than finger tight. The plastic the robot is made of can compress if screws are over tightened, causing binding.

Second, double check all orientations during assembly. Make sure nothing is upside down or backwards. Everything should move freely and sit flush, so if anything is binding or appears to be sticking up, chances are something is upside down or backwards.

Third, it's important to keep the servos in position while installing the arms and the rotating base, but after that you can move them all you want!

If you have any questions, post here!
It would help if you provided some context, while I remembered your post from last April the link from then is no good. TinyBot is a common name, apparently, including a DIY twitter bot constructor. Can you provide a current link, and we (the few that are left Sad ) always like pictures.

How's the product been doing? Seems like a great time for DIY STEM educational products but reality doesn't alway match up with what I think it should be. Hope you're doing well. I like the eyes, seems like that would help hold kid's interest. If our oldest grandbaby was a few years older (she's almost 3) I'd consider one for her. Heck, if I wasn't swamped I'd consider one for me Smile

KS Printrbot Plus, modified
Thingybot Delta
QU-BD One Up (parts, received with bad motor)
QU-BD RPM (incomplete box-o-parts, milling package never received)
Maslow CNC (4'x8' chain drive)
Zenbot Mini (6"x8" router, grbl_ESP32)
SainSmart Genmitsu 3018Pro
Ender 3 Pro
BobsCNC Revolution
Good point Kirk! (quaran)tinyBot has been replaced with tinyBot, which was a big seller this holiday season. You can see all our products here:

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