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Hi All,

I found this article on an alternative way of finishing off project components, including 3D-printed parts. I hadn't heard of it before - it's called hydro-dipping.

Color Your Processed Prints With Hydro Dipping (from

It's kind of similar to Paper Marbling, but uses a commercially-made film instead of paints.

Looks like an interesting way to liven up some of your prints.

(Edit: Corrected cosmetic appearance of the url)
Hi All,

A YouTube channel known as the King of Random recently uploaded a video of a slightly different method of hydo-dipping. I thought it was interesting, because it uses regular spray paints instead of purchased color patterns. I don't know if the results are as good as the other approach, but it is probably accessible to more people.

Hydro-dipping on the King of Random


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