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I'm a rank newbie to 3D printing.  Just got a Creality CR-10.  Quick question: What's the point of rafts on the base of the prints?

Mike in Dayton.
- Joey
Rafts were used in the early days before they understood (or maybe had) flat print surfaces (we call them beds) that were the same distance from the extruder tip across the whole surface.  Rafts filled in the dips and got around the problem.  Then they learned to use something flat (window glass works great, I print on double strength regular window glass with a thin layer of school glue stick, and have for years.

Rafts really aren't necessary any more, although like most stuff from the olden days (in 3D printing that's like 5 years ago Smile) they still have their fans.  There's probably rare exceptions but they're a waste of time and plastic.
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just to chime in on this one . rafts were used as an added extra to make sure you object being printed stuck to the bed . still used today in some cases . now we have heated beds to keep objects from peeling off the bed. the use of blue painters tape can also be used in place of a raft . im guessing some dial down the temp of the heated bed and the use of painters tape would lessen the draw on power . no need to keep a fire extinguisher near by.

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