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Hi All,

Spotted this kickstarter. Allegedly a super-fast resin printer. They are claiming 2 to 6 times as fast as the $250,000 Carbon3D printer.

I haven't figured out whether it's believable or useful or not, but the claimed print speeds are other-worldly. Prices aren't necessarily insane, either.

Enjoy. Post what you think about it.
as a table top printer lcd i think the bean has this one beat . resolution wise. would like to see a straight up side by side comparison of all dlp lcd based printers. dont think the comparison of the form2 is even adequate. its a laser sla . kinda in a league of its own . but the interesting eye opener is the large one they have in production . look at that build platform . i wonder what the resolution on that is. its a monster . that has to be a full sized steering wheel .

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