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New User Post Moderation
Hi Everyone,

When you first join these forums, you are placed in a special user group where your posts require the approval of a moderator.

Once a post has been approved, you are moved into a different user group that has permission to post without approval. 

I have to moderate these posts by hand, and I can generally only do it when I'm awake Smile. Even when I'm awake, I may be working for a living. Unfortunately, I cannot receive notifications when a post needs moderation - I have to actually come to the forum and check manually. If you post overnight in my time zone, it could easily be eight or ten hours before I get the chance to moderate anything.

I added this mechanism because I can't often get enough information from a new users' information to ensure they are not a spammer or other evil-doer. It's not perfect, but for the greater good it's going to stay that way for now.

Just allow some time for your user registration and your initial post/s to be approved.


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