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arduino project

thought i would post something here . i used open sourced software from github. its a java based app that performs gcode . it has an x y and a servo for Z . what i learned from this is how to assemble a micro controller board with stepper motors . a bit of soldering and assembling scrap . took me 4 dvd drives to make this . 2 epic failures . 12 cans of beer . i think i developed a bald spot too . where im going with this? building my own cnc and fdm printer . possible laser co2 . guess ill update as the project comes along . when will this get done? when i have gathered all the components . 

plans and resources available on youtube and indestructibles.
I guess I just don't manage my time very well... Congratulations on putting something like this together.

I've seen projects like this on the instructable type sites - you are saying that you also followed one of those, not that you published one of them, right?

I don't even manage to make time to finish the second Q3DPrinter TwoUp that I acquired. Nor have a made my first one into a laser cutter... So many projects, so little time.

Do you think this is going to be worthwhile when the cheap chinese FDM printers are so cheap and so good? And if you work with lasers, BE CAREFUL. The more I think about all these powerful lasers running without covers, the creepier it gets. I want to keep on using my eyes. I just watched a video about green lasers leaking infrared radiation - and it wasn't pretty. (normally a laser emits just one wavelength, but most green lasers start out with light in the infrared, and convert the frequency up into green using crystals - and those crystals aren't 100% efficient at it).


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