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Looking for Setup Instructions - OneUp/TwoUp
I've decided I should print a better printer, but in order to do so I need to get my OneUp printer that I've had partially assembled in storage for a long time put together. However I can't find the assembly/setup instructions anywhere. Anyone by chance have those in digital form they can send or physical form they can photograph and send? I'd appreciate it.
Hi CyberMars,

Welcome to the forums!

I probably do have those instructions... somewhere. I will go poke around and see what I can find. The only thing that concerns me is that I did lose an important hard drive a while back that I haven't recovered yet. I hope that's not the only place I had it.

Unfortunately, I've failed in my initial search. The document isn't on my main machine. But I'm not done yet...

I didn't get a chance today, but tomorrow I'll boot up an older machine that I used to run my TwoUp, and see if it's there. I'm pretty hopeful that it is, but I will let you know what I find.
Thanks for taking some time to look. I scoured the internet for a couple days and couldn't find anything.
I thought I should add, everything's actually assembled except for connecting the wires. And then of course I need any relevant software bits, which I think I've seen some custom software bits somewhere that should work I assume, though I of course haven't tried any. 

So if you are still unable to find the instructions, if you happen to still have yours put together or just know which wires go where...
Hi CyberMars,

Sorry for another delay responding. Okay, I've booted two old computers, and I haven't found the document/s yet. It is confusing to me that I don't have them close at hand, since I made a point to download the latest from the last QU-BD site before it went belly up. Maybe the files got named something strange.

Anyway, the wiring is an easier question, however I have an original kickstarter model that started out as a OneUp and was upgraded to a TwoUp. This means that I likely don't have the same board as you do, and I believe they also made some of the power supply wiring easier in the later models.

I let it get late tonight, so tomorrow I will post a couple of pictures of my setup, just in case it helps. If you have a newer model, we may have to improvise Smile.

I take it all back. I believe I have found them. I will add the files here shortly.
Hi CyberMars,

Okay, these look like the real deal. There are a couple of versions, so I hope you can match them with what you need.

I hope these help. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!

Attached Files
.pdf   OneUpV2_Instructions.pdf (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 25)
.pdf   OneUpV3_Instructions.pdf (Size: 1.58 MB / Downloads: 24)
.pdf   SoftwareAndElectronics.pdf (Size: 576.44 KB / Downloads: 32)
That's wonderful! Everything's working great now. Well, haven't actually printed anything yet, but otherwise it's all going fine. Still a bit undecided on what printer to uh... print... but I've got a couple ideas. 

Thanks for the help!
(As a side note I'm now going to make sure these documents are added to The Internet Archive, so they're at least in a fixed location and searchable.)
Permanent link on The Internet Archive:

Contains all 3 PDF files, should be suitable for linking anywhere else on the net.

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