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new to me oneup
I just became the proud owner of a oneup and i'm looking for the old community port of marlin so I can add an LCD to it and have some code to play with.  Anyone have this saved somewhere?
Hi floridaservices,

I hope someone else stops by and is able to help you. Sadly, I was never into fooling around with the firmware, so I can't help much. My printer worked just fine, so I never felt the need to mess with it.

If you happen to find it available elsewhere, I'd appreciate it if you'd post a pointer here.

I appreciate your response. Mine is working also ok after a lot of fiddling i would just like the display it would give a little more information. I'm new to all of it so lack of endstops makes it interesting as well. It at least prints calibration cubes ok, still figuring out the intricacies of slic3r. Yes if I come across the firmware I will post it up. I get the impression that there are still a lot of these around but they have sat because there's absolutely no support for them anymore. Ender 3 is in my future but OneUp has been a good learning tool
Hi floridaservices,

>>> I'm new to all of it so lack of endstops makes it interesting as well.

I have had to leap for the power switch quite a few times Smile.

>>> I get the impression that there are still a lot of these around...

I thought the same, initially. When this domain name became available, I hoped there might be enough people still using them that they could come here and build a community. So far, that hasn't really happened. Since no one has to log in here to view the content, it's extremely hard to tell whether anyone is finding value in the forums.

>>> Ender 3 is in my future

Sounds fine - I have a Creality CR-10, and it's pretty cool. Sadly, I have not had time to do much with it, but it has worked very well so far. It's very tempting to spend as little as possible on a printer when getting your feet wet. I would recommend the CR-10, because the build volume is astounding - heck, the thing is 16 inches tall! If you have a purpose in mind, and you are certain you won't need that size, then your'e good. If you are just saving money, you can find the CR-10 for around $400, and in my opinion, it's worth it to have the space.

In any case, good luck. Stop on back and post some results Smile.
Sadly facebook has ruined forums. I have tried to deal with facebook to get the same information and there's just no way it's so scatterbrained. The CR-10 is a beast I will read up more on that one as well, thanks!

Welcome to the world of the QuBd. Your best bet, in my humble opinion, is to make the upgrade to the ramps 1.4/marlin combo.
The ramps community is dwindling with the up and coming allstars of the 32bit controller board world. But they are still cheap and a good intro to the Arduino community.

With my old qubd 2up, lord rest its soul, It made all the difference to have a decent following and plentiful marlin branches as well as all the accesories you could want for your printer.

I might still have an old version of the Marlin branch made for the qubd. its been a long while. what controller board are you using currently? i will look around and see what i can find. i think the one i had was for the red board.

The CR-10 is a great printer, i have a frankenTronXY X5S as my main workhorse. its only tronxy by name, its been upgraded with the Duet 2 wifi w/ 7in touch screen, bigger steppers, better belts, linear rails, e3d volcano and dual power supply combo.
im really a big fan of the CoreXY kinematics. The tronxyX5S can be had for about 300 and you get 330x330x400 build area. im building a delta right now too based on an old Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetech 301. again its only that in name now.....


Not sure which version of the OneUp you have (I am building a OneUpV2).

All I have is the V2 firmware for using the stainless Filament Drive Gear (FDG - I believe the early OneUps used a brass FDG).

See attached.  Not sure if it is what you are looking for, but it is all I got.


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Oh wait, my bad. I also have the brass gear driver firmware. See attached.

I do not know what version RAMPS this runs on. I know my V2 came with RAMPS 1.4, and the stainless FDG, so I have never used this particular firmware. I simply downloaded it to be complete.

Good Luck.


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(2019-05-05, 05:00 PM)mr_intensity Wrote: Oh wait, my bad.  I also have the brass gear driver firmware.  See attached.

I do not know what version RAMPS this runs on.  I know my V2 came with RAMPS 1.4, and the stainless FDG, so I have never used this particular firmware.  I simply downloaded it to be complete.

Good Luck.


Thanks for the firmwares John, I have the later revision oneup , either v2 or v3 not sure.  It has the Ramps 1.4, the stainless gear and the e3d V6 hotend.  I have managed to flash it with the latest marlin and configured it best guess based on the firmware I found for the oldest ones on Github, and it prints "ok".  This is a big help to get mine dialed in right.  Thanks so much!

Still sorting out mechanical issues anyway.  I've rebuilt the Y-drive completely at this point so it's solid but X still has a lot of wobble, you can see the ringing in a calibration cube.  After tightening up the gantry with new printed pieces I found that I needed a shorter belt.  It's not the easiest thing finding a custom length GT3 belt so for now i've cut and stapled the original belt.   The problem with that is the teeth are pretty worn down so that's where a lot of the slop is at this point.  I've found also that now that the gantry is tight that the z-rods want to sway back and forth when it gets to printing.  The fix for that is probably going to be really slow printing speed or reprinting my extruder and carriage to be a little lighter; might not have been the best idea to print them at 80% infill!
I am on a multi-year odyssey with my OneUp V2 Kit.  It started when I bought V2 at Micro Center, near Cleveland, hundreds of miles away from home.  One missing part.  One broken part.  No support from Q3D.  Too far away to return it.  I (badly) reverse-engineered the parts, and had a friend 3D print them.  I have a Build Log elsewhere on this forum, if you are looking for entertainment.

I am running the stock X-Carriage, complete with "droop."  I'm going to get a friend to print up Thingiverse thing 1615594 (one of the many "pulley" solutions) to straighten that up.  I was considering using Thingiverse thing 1503687 to replace my X-Carriage, until I realized that it would require a Bowden extruder.  I'll pass on that, for now.

I'm trying to think of a way for you to brace the z-rods.  I remember seeing some braces out on Thingiverse, but they braced the bottom, and I think you need to really stabilize the top to stop the sway.
[Image: avatar_23.png?dateline=1515658171]

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