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ONGOING Hosting Issues
Hi All,

Since the major outage at our hosting provider, all has not been well with the forums.

Primarily, the responsiveness of the forum pages is absolutely AWFUL as compared to before the outage. I have a support ticket in on this issue, but I imagine they still have other things to worry about.

Secondly, this morning I discovered that the admin side of the forums was not working at all, so I could not immediately approve a new user registration (Sorry alins, and welcome Smile ). This appears to be resolved for the moment.

If I don't see any performance improvement over the next couple of days, I will fast track the process of moving to Linux-based hosting (we are currently on Windows hosting, for reasons that are mostly no longer relevant).

Please bear with us while I (and A2Hosting) work through these issues. We apologize for the sub-par forum experience at the moment, and hope to have this resolved soon.


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