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Attatchmets and Uploads an'at (Oh my!)
Hi All,

Per Mooselake's suggestions, I have made the following changes:

.nc 1MB
.tap 1MB

.gcode 1MB
.stl 1MB
.zip 10MB

Let me know if we need more types or different sizes.
I tried rolling all my "OneUp Critical Files" into one big zip, and ended up with a 78MB monster.


Now, I could post all the files individually.  It just seemed that the ZIP was the more logical way to go.
[Image: avatar_23.png?dateline=1515658171]
Hi mr_intensity,

PM sent, check your inbox Smile.

Hi! I am new to the site, I was trying to post some PDFs and Zips (with the original One/Two-Up assembly instructions, the CAD files to replicate/fabricate/cut the necessary pieces -or modify them- and the original Flash of the Red Printboard) but alas, none of them are being taken by the website.
Is there any limits?
Is it because it's a new account?
Is it a feature (bug)?
Help, please

QU-BD Up 2, Original Kickstarter with heated bed (heavy basalt stone), red PC Board
Prusa i3 V2
Snapmaker I, Original Kickstarter with 1600nm laser, Ziflex bed add-on
Snapmaker II A-350, Original Kickstarter (Pending)
Mayku Formbox, Original Kickstarter
Hi EdOliver7,

Can you give me more information, such as any error you might be receiving? There are size limits, some of which are set in the forum software, and some of which are controlled by the hosting provider. We changed hosting providers a while back, and I don't think anyone has tried to upload anything since then. Did you see any error, or did it look like it worked but then nothing showed up?

Please ignore. Running my own file upload test.

[Image: Fabric8rDullLogo.jpg]

Okay, pasting the logo into a message works, however, it does look like file attachments are broken.

I will try to get this fixed ASAP.


Update: I've checked everthing I know how to check. I've opened a support ticket with my hosting provider, hopefully they will be able to shed some light on the situation.
Here's an update: I have a reply from my hosting provider with a possible fix. I just haven't had time to look into it further. Hopefully tomorrow.

(2018-01-10, 06:27 PM)Hi Mooselake,I too have problems with attaching photos, or changing my avatar. I\ve tried a .bmp and a jpeg, it says..."The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again. "Any ideas?Bill Mooselake Wrote: To change your avatar (this assumes a desktop, don't use the mobile site) -
Click on your current avatar default picture, or on your user id where it says "Welcome back mr_intensity".  You'll get a little summary.  There's a line that starts "User CP" near the right top of the page.  Click on "User CP".   The resulting page has a column of boxes on the left, one of them says "Your Profile", and in that is a link that says "Change Avatar".  Click that.  You'll see the section that says "Custom Avatar".  The rest should be obvious.

You might need to resize your avatar image, I just keep a small one (like 200x200 px or so) that I use when necessary.  If you're using M$ WinDoze Paint is a quick way to resize, for *nix the Gimp or your favorite photo editor.  No idea what works on a Mac anymore but since it's so easy to use <ducks> it should be obvious.

I haven't tried a zip file, but I've never seen a a forum that allows file uploads that won't take them - and we can harass the admin if this one doesn't.  Zip files are good for saving space, and attachments add up pretty quick if we regain any of the former popularity from before Q3 self destructed


Zip files before attaching
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