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Welcome mimicRobots!
Hi All,

I'd like to welcome mimicRobots to our forums! They are finishing up a small but successful kickstarter campaign for their fun and educational trainable robot arm.

As I mention in another post, I had spoken with the proprietor of mimicRobots, Brett several times at the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. When I saw the kickstarter, I got in touch with him, and mentioned the forums. It turned out that mimicRobots did not have a plan for forums yet, so I offered up some space here for them.

Brett has a good deal of arduino experience, and we look forward to him popping in to our existing forums as well to lend his advice.

mimicRobots now has a dedicated section on the site, currently with three forums - General Discussion, Educator's Corner, and the Project Showcase.

Please join me in welcoming mimicRobots, and hopefully a number of their kickstarter backers soon as well.

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