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Q3D "Stuff"
I had made an "Aside" rhetorical question in my OneUp Build Log, last year, that since the website was about to go kerplooey, should we download everything (firmware, destructions, part files) from the site?

I also thought that I asked you (Administrator) a similar question, and was told that we had it under control.

However, I have seen requests for firmware and documentation, recently.

Maybe we should have all this "Q3D stuff" as attachments in one post?  Maybe we could have a OneUp post, a TwoUp post, and a ThreeUp post, if the files are different enough.

And what is with this five attachment limit per post?  Was that brought on by the host outages?

Enquiring minds want to know.  I want to know!
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Hi mr_intensity,

I did indeed think at the time that I had downloaded all the q3d stuff - but I believe that some of it was on a hard drive that has gone belly up, and I haven't spent the money to recover yet. I will do that, I just can't say when. I am having trouble remembering if I got everything, or only OneUp and TwoUp related files.

In the meantime, if you do have copies of things that aren't posted here yet, I will make sure that we can get that done. I don't recall an attachment limit, but it's probably just a setting somewhere that I either ignored, or thought was a good idea at the time Smile. I don't think it has to do with the outage.

When I get a moment, I will try to increase the setting a bit - say 10 files? The limit is good for preventing people from spamming and ddos'ing the forum, so I don't want to make it too high.

Right! I'll inventory what I have, and see how many attachments it is.

I noticed the discussion with CyberMars, and how he put the docs on the Internet Archive. Should we do that with everything, or should we post them here?
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Hi mr_intensity,

>>>Should we do that with everything, or should we post them here?

Well, I think doing both is a good answer. Post here, to increase the value of the forums, and there to help make sure they are available to everyone, whether they find these forums or not.

Sound fair? Smile

EDIT: I've changed the number of attachments allowed per post to 10.


>>>EDIT: I've changed the number of attachments allowed per post to 10.

I have exactly 10 attachments (Whod'a thunk it?).  Should I post them individually, or ZIP them up, and post one attachment?

>>>Sound fair? Smile

Fair enough.  I am not going to post them out on the Internet Archive, but I will give a shout out to CyberMars (who posted the other stuff there), and ask if he is willing to do it.

Here is the inventory:



OneUpV2_BOM.pdf   Bill Of Materials (Kit Inventory).
OneUpV2_Instructions.pdf   Assembly  Instructions.
SoftwareAndElectronics.pdf   Instructions to mount & wire up electronics, home printer & configure software.

repetierHostLinux_1_6_0.tgz  Linux Repetier Host.
Repetier-Host-Mac_0_56.dmg  Mac Repetier Host.
setupRepetierHost_1_6_0.exe  Windows Repetier Host.

Firmware  Firmware for using a Brass filament drive gear (V1?).  Firmware for using a Stainless filament drive gear.

200micronBASIC.ini  Slic3r config file.

40mmcube.gcode  G-Code for printing "alignment cube" for initial testing/dial-in.


Hm.  The firmwares are already ZIPs.  You can stick a ZIP inside of a ZIP, right?

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