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Stickies and Tables
So, I'm working on my post with the OneUp V2 files in it (which I plan to title "OneUp Critical Files").

Some forums have the ability to make a post into a "sticky."  In other words, it is always at the top, for easy access.  Many times, an Administrator will post the Forum Rules, or tips on using the forum, and make such a post a sticky, so new users see it at the top of the list of available posts.

Should we make the "Critical Files" posts a sticky, and does this forum even permit the stickiazation (is that a word?) of posts?

If we cannot sticky, should we make "Critical Files" (or maybe "Downloadable Stuff") a separate Forum category?  We could move my SIDEBRACE Redesign post  to that category, as well.  We would only post stuff for download (firmware files, parts designs, etc.) in this category.  That way, it is all in one place.

Also, I am doing my attachment inventory as a table.  In HTML, there is a TABLE tag, and this forum's tags (click View Source icon, at the right end of the post editor toolbar, to see the tags) tend to follow standard HTML, EXCEPT for the TABLE tag.  I am relegated to changing to a fixed-width font (what this forum calls "Courier-New"), and doing "ASCII Art," in order to draw the lines around the cells in my table-looking thing.

Is "draw tables" a feature that is turned off, or is it just not available with this particular site software?
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Okay, looking over in the "News and Announcements" Forum, the posts are separated into two categories: "Important Threads" and "Normal Threads." I guess "Important Threads" are this site's equivalent of stickies. So, I have answered one of my questions.
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