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Host Problems 2.0
Hi All,

So, somewhat obviously, if you can see this message, the site must be up Smile.

It's been mostly offline since sometime Friday due to our hosting provider having what appears to be yet another major fail.

Yet again, the provider has turned in a totally unacceptable response to a situation that itself is unacceptable.

I will update my backups since the site is back, and over the coming days will begin the process of moving the site.

Stay tuned.

Hi All,

Things appear to be back to normal. After many days, performance has returned to normal - or perhaps even better than the recent normal. Prior to the first hosting debacle earlier this year, site performance was excellent. After that, it never quite got back to its former glory. As of now, I believe it has reached that level of performance again.

While that makes me happy, it does not erase the fact that the hosting provider has blown their second chance. I'm thinking upon the alternatives, and will provide an update as I figure things out.

While the site is up, enjoy! Smile

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