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Looking for Setup Instructions - OneUp/TwoUp
(2020-04-04, 10:06 AM)MisterAcoustic Wrote: Hi EdOliver7,

If posting the files gives you trouble, let me know. I'll make it happen. The forum needs a little TLC, and I'm not sure how well things are working at the moment.

Thanks for being willing to contribute!


Thank you!

I have been able to upload two of the three files. The PDF is still large (Or at least that is what the site reports for "this file type" allowing only 2Mb.

The original file is 18 Mb

Is there anything we can do about this?

QU-BD Up 2, Original Kickstarter with heated bed (heavy basalt stone), red PC Board
Prusa i3 V2
Snapmaker I, Original Kickstarter with 1600nm laser, Ziflex bed add-on
Snapmaker II A-350, Original Kickstarter (Pending)
Mayku Formbox, Original Kickstarter
Hi EdOliver7,

There may be something to be done. There are two levels of restriction, one imposed by the forum software, and one imposed by the php configuration of the site.

I can ensure that the forum will accept a file of that size, but it will take more work if the size exceeds the php configuration.

I'll see what I can do.

Hi EdOliver7,

I believe I have successfully increased the upload size limit for .pdf file to 20 MB.

If you get the chance, please try your upload again.


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