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  Holy Smokes!!!
Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2020-02-15, 12:41 AM - Forum: Resin Printers - No Replies

Hi All,

This thing is not ready for prime time yet, but the speed of it will sit you right down.

The video contains slightly accelerated recordings of the printing process - but only about 2x. The 'Benchy' printed in about 30 seconds.



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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2020-01-16, 10:24 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hi All,

We've had a few new members join the forums, but sadly, there hasn't been much activity to keep them coming back.

I have been swamped with life stuff for a while, and I haven't been able to stir up any discussion myself.

If you have any projects you're working on, please make a post here and let us in on the fun!

Surely the maker trend hasn't died down that much already Smile.

If I can ever finish getting some cabinets installed, I may develop a project of my own (hopefully before winter is out).

In the meantime, jump in here and tell us what you've got!

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  New User Activation
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-12-23, 04:52 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - No Replies

Hi All,

I just wanted to reiterate that new user activations may take some time. Our most recent user caught me at a bad time, and I didn't get to activate them for about 17 hours. I apologize for the delay, but between sleep and work, I can't always do the activations right away.

I'm doing my best though Smile


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  Registration Email Problem
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-11-25, 06:40 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (1)

Hi All,

I haven't tracked down the issue yet, but there is some evidence that there is a problem with some of the registration emails.

Everyone who has registered that I am aware of has had their account activated. If any recently registered folks can't log in to the forum, please let me know the details of the problem at fabric8rsite@gmail.com.


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  Registrations Re-opened
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-10-12, 11:13 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - No Replies

Hi All,

I believe I have sorted out the issues with the registration process (although I could not confirm it directly).

I have re-opened new registrations. If anyone has an issue with the registration process, feel free to let us know at our gmail address:


follow that with the 'at' symbol, and the 'gmail.com' after that.

Happy Fabric8ing! Smile

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  New Host!
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-10-10, 09:35 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Hi All!

It wasn't without tribulation, but we have successfully moved to a new hosting provider!

These things never go as planned Smile.

My apologies for the delay in getting things working again, but we have made it at last.

Thanks for your perseverance.

See you on the forums!

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  Host Problems 2.0
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-08-25, 10:47 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Hi All,

So, somewhat obviously, if you can see this message, the site must be up Smile.

It's been mostly offline since sometime Friday due to our hosting provider having what appears to be yet another major fail.

Yet again, the provider has turned in a totally unacceptable response to a situation that itself is unacceptable.

I will update my backups since the site is back, and over the coming days will begin the process of moving the site.

Stay tuned.


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Posted by: Mooselake - 2019-08-17, 05:53 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Google it for more details.  It's the technique used to make those unique lines on many currencies, fancy watch faces, and a lot of other places, although those are a lot more sophisticated then my efforts.  These are my first attempts at guilloche, and one of the first projects on the cheap 3018 (worth more than it costs if you understand it's limitations).  No claim at great art, or even great guilloche, these have more detail the the size and material/router support, a diamond drag bit would have been great but they're too expensive for a $200 machine.  I'm an engineer, not an artist, too.

These are from a 12x24" copper anodized aluminum sheet I picked up at Home Depot, and are 50mm square.  Feed rates, depth of cut, and level of detail need more work, they're too detailed for the size of the work area.  They were cut with a 20 degree engraving V bit, a 10 pack came with the router and so far I've only broken one (by hitting abort and having Candle jam it into the spoilboard and then try to move it).  Feed rate started at around 500mm/minute but I played with the speed override quite a bit, both up and down.  The bit left a burr around the engraving, not sure if that enhances the effect or worsens it.  Need a lot more practice, fortunately 12x24 yields a lot of 50mm test pieces.



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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2019-08-11, 07:13 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi All,

This site costs about $150 per year to run. This will be my third year paying the hosting bill.

With my son headed off to college, I need to tighten up the budget. It would be nice to break even on the site - I don't need more than that.

Here are some possibilities:

) Ask for donations.
) Run Ads.
) Give up hosting the site for the time being.

I think that asking for donations is both embarrassing and more trouble than it's worth. I didn't even mention a subscription model - I think that would give the majority of folks quite a chuckle on their last visit.

I'd like to keep things running, even though we still haven't seen a level of growth or participation that could be considered encouraging.

So, right now, unless better ideas come up, I'm leaning toward implementing ads on the site, to see if that produces anything. I don't like this idea, but it's the best one I have at the moment.

Comments and discussion are welcome. Let me know what you think.


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  Air Sled Appliance Mover!!!
Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2019-07-08, 12:07 AM - Forum: Community Project Showcase - Replies (2)

Hi All!

This thread is dedicated to my new DIY Air Sled Appliance Mover project.

I will be adding detail and images here over time, but for now, I'll just post the links to my new youtube videos about the project:

AirSledPartOne (Introduction)

AirSledPartTwo (Demonstration)

Check them out, and let me know what you think! (Be kind, these are my first ever illustrative videos).


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