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  Cheap Stepper Source
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-27, 12:19 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Marlin P. Jones & Associates (mpja.com) carries close outs fom manufacturers, and used parts.  They are a good source of cheap, off-brand or closed-out steppers, arduino shields, and other odds and ends.

If you go to purchase a stepper from them, make sure they have the datasheet available for download, or you can get the datasheet from another source.  Get the datasheet before you make a purchase.

They don't have free shipping, like Amazon, but they do have flat rate shipping, which is not too expensive.

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  Your biggest fan...
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-22, 11:54 PM - Forum: 3D Printing Help - Replies (1)

Okay, kind of a dumb question:

Many 3D printers come with a fan, and I am never quite sure sure what it is there to do.

Is it blowing on the print head?  This would seem counterintuitive, as you are heating up the print head to melt the filament for extrusion.

Or, is it blowing just *past* the print head, on to the freshly extruded plastic to firm it up?

I am asking as I have an idea for a new print head, and the fan would be in an oddball position.  So I would use duct work to direct the air where it should go.

I just need to know where the air should go, so I design the ducts right.

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  Stickies and Tables
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-10, 01:22 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (1)

So, I'm working on my post with the OneUp V2 files in it (which I plan to title "OneUp Critical Files").

Some forums have the ability to make a post into a "sticky."  In other words, it is always at the top, for easy access.  Many times, an Administrator will post the Forum Rules, or tips on using the forum, and make such a post a sticky, so new users see it at the top of the list of available posts.

Should we make the "Critical Files" posts a sticky, and does this forum even permit the stickiazation (is that a word?) of posts?

If we cannot sticky, should we make "Critical Files" (or maybe "Downloadable Stuff") a separate Forum category?  We could move my SIDEBRACE Redesign post  to that category, as well.  We would only post stuff for download (firmware files, parts designs, etc.) in this category.  That way, it is all in one place.

Also, I am doing my attachment inventory as a table.  In HTML, there is a TABLE tag, and this forum's tags (click View Source icon, at the right end of the post editor toolbar, to see the tags) tend to follow standard HTML, EXCEPT for the TABLE tag.  I am relegated to changing to a fixed-width font (what this forum calls "Courier-New"), and doing "ASCII Art," in order to draw the lines around the cells in my table-looking thing.

Is "draw tables" a feature that is turned off, or is it just not available with this particular site software?

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  Good Q3D/QU-BD Thingieverse Links
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-10, 12:15 PM - Forum: Q3DPrinter (formerly QU-BD) Specific Discussion - No Replies

These are not actual things.  Rather, they are collections of things.  QU-BD things!



If anyone else has some good links to OneUp/TwoUp/ThreeUp parts collections, please share them here.  Let's (please) keep this thread dedicated to COLLECTIONS of things, and not just individual things.


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  Heat-Resistant Panel
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-07, 10:47 AM - Forum: Materials and Methods - Replies (1)

Okay.  Nobody has ever posted here, so I guess I'll give it a shot.

My fertile mind (fertile = full of...uh...fertilizer) has been envisioning a multi-(more than two)-headed extruder for 3D printing.

The bottom of the assembly is a Base Plate, where the heatbreaks come in from above, and protrude through to the heatblocks, which would be up against the Base Plate.  This plate would bolt to the rest of the extruder body, which would most likely be 3D-printed plastic.


Since this plate contacts the 3D-printed plastic body of the extruder, it must be made of a material that resists heat transfer.  It also must resist heat transfer, as it holds multiple heater blocks, and you don't want the hotter heater blocks influencing the cooler heater blocks around them.

The bolts (that hold the Base Plate on) also hold on the alignment plate.  This part is under the Base Plate with the heater blocks.  Besides keeping the heater blocks from twisting and touching one another, it must also act as a heat shield, to prevent hotter heat blocks/heads from influencing the temperatures of the cooler heat blocks/heads around them.


So, what do I make these parts from?  It has to be something easily drillable/cutable/machinable.  Or maybe printable?   Oh yeah, and don't forget cost-effective (i.e. CHEAP).

I saw something on Amazon called homasote, as I searched for "heat resistant board."  But, I dunno.  It may be good for soldering on, but can it handle multiple heater blocks up against it for long periods of time?

Any ideas?

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  Q3D "Stuff"
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-06, 01:18 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (4)

I had made an "Aside" rhetorical question in my OneUp Build Log, last year, that since the q3dprinter.com website was about to go kerplooey, should we download everything (firmware, destructions, part files) from the site?

I also thought that I asked you (Administrator) a similar question, and was told that we had it under control.

However, I have seen requests for firmware and documentation, recently.

Maybe we should have all this "Q3D stuff" as attachments in one post?  Maybe we could have a OneUp post, a TwoUp post, and a ThreeUp post, if the files are different enough.

And what is with this five attachment limit per post?  Was that brought on by the host outages?

Enquiring minds want to know.  I want to know!

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  Hosting issues resolved?
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-05-05, 11:32 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Hi All,

It looks like everything is back to normal with regard to the issues we were having with forum performance here.

Please post in the general discussion forum if you are still seeing problems.



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  ONGOING Hosting Issues
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-05-02, 12:51 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Hi All,

Since the major outage at our hosting provider, all has not been well with the forums.

Primarily, the responsiveness of the forum pages is absolutely AWFUL as compared to before the outage. I have a support ticket in on this issue, but I imagine they still have other things to worry about.

Secondly, this morning I discovered that the admin side of the forums was not working at all, so I could not immediately approve a new user registration (Sorry alins, and welcome Smile ). This appears to be resolved for the moment.

If I don't see any performance improvement over the next couple of days, I will fast track the process of moving to Linux-based hosting (we are currently on Windows hosting, for reasons that are mostly no longer relevant).

Please bear with us while I (and A2Hosting) work through these issues. We apologize for the sub-par forum experience at the moment, and hope to have this resolved soon.


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  No info on Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2019
Posted by: mr_intensity - 2019-05-01, 09:12 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

After seeing MrAcoustic's cool post on the MakerX Fair in Columbus, I figured I would look up the next Maker Faire for Pittsburgh, and post the information.

What I found was that the Pittsburgh Maker Faire went on hiatus in 2018, and that the producer (Children's Museum of Pittsburgh) is re-evaluating their role as producer for future faires.  Reference: https://pittsburgh.makerfaire.com/2018/0...g-in-2018/

Now, Maker Faire 2017 was in October, so assuming that is the normal time of the year for the Faire, there is plenty of time to announce a 2019 Faire, but it is not looking good in the Steel City.

An alternative site (http: //pghmakerfaire.com/) popped up in 2018, but is very vague, and does not list any dates for faires.  You can send them an E-mail for ticket reservations.  The lack of dates/locations, combined with some poor English on the site, makes me think that this is a phishing site to harvest E-mail addresses to SPAM.

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  Hosting Disaster PLEASE READ!
Posted by: Administrator - 2019-04-25, 11:39 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

Hi All,

We're not dead!!!

On the morning of April 23, our hosting provider (A2Hosting) had a major issue with some of their windows-based web servers. (For reasons that are less and less relevant all the time, I chose a windows hosting plan. This will likely change.)

Once they discovered that they had a problem, they took all their windows hosting offline, which included fabric8r.com.

This morning, April 25th, they were finally able to restore service to our site. We suffered roughly 52 hours of downtime due to this issue.

I believe that they had to restore this site from a backup, which they say should have been within 24 hours of the outage. I haven't spotted any missing posts or users, but please confirm that everything is as it should be. If something is missing, please re-post, or if a user was dropped, please re-register. It's extremely unlikely that your user is not present on purpose.

In due time, we will take steps to ensure we don't suffer a total communication blackout again. Hopefully, in the unlikely event something like this happens again, we will at least be able to show you a page saying why we're down.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this situation, please post them in the General Discussion section.


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