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  New guy with ThreeUp startup issues
Posted by: ChuckP - 2017-12-08, 06:46 PM - Forum: Q3DPrinter (formerly QU-BD) Specific Discussion - Replies (12)

Found a ThreeUp kit deeply discounted which became my birthday present. To say that this is a low price entry level printer is certainly an understatement.

So, I've got it all assembled, Repetier talks to it, and I can slew it manually on all 3 axes. Alas, the extruder drive seems to be dead. By way of troubleshooting, I've done the following so far:

  • Swap the connection to another axis. Manual slew of that axis moves the motor as expected.
  • Swap the driver bridge from a known good axis. No motion on the extruder, works ok on the other axis.
  • Examining the RAMPS/AT-Mega assembly revealed 2 pins bent so as to lie on the outside of the header. Put them back in place, but no change in operation.
I'm going to try moving the connection to the Extruder 2 slot to get some functionality. If that doesn't work I fear my RAMPS board will need repair or replacement. Does this sound like I'm on the right track?

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  Creality3D CR-10
Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2017-12-08, 01:57 PM - Forum: Filament Printers - Replies (7)

Hi All,

As I mentioned in the General Discussion forum, I just ordered a Creality3D CR-10.

So, I decided to start a thread about it, in case anyone already has one, or knows something about it. Feel free to chime in. I'll post my updates here once I receive the printer. I'm looking forward to buying a lot more filament Smile


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  First posts now require Approval
Posted by: Administrator - 2017-12-08, 01:49 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - No Replies

Hi All,

In addition to the draconian registration approval process I've already implemented, I have now added the requirement that a users' first post have administrator approval.

So, if you have just registered, please be aware that your initial post may not appear right away. I will approve these as soon as possible.

I just don't want to fight forum spammers if I can avoid it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS - if anyone who registered prior to today has a problem with posting, please contact us at our gmail address ("fabric8rsite"). Even if you did previously register, but have not yet posted, your first post will need approval.

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  Hurry! Great printer on sale
Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2017-12-07, 01:33 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Hi All,

I'm spamming my own forum here Smile. I just found this flash sale. Actually, first I found several different people saying excellent things about this printer that I had never heard of before, called the Creality3D CR-10.

Then I went looking for it, and found it on sale. It's a fairly large format filament printer. The price? $299. Build volume is 300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm (~12 in x ~12 in x ~16 in).

The sale is only valid for the next 14 hours or so.

EDIT: Link removed, bad shipping price, see below.

Good luck. Just leave one for me.


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  Moose in the North Woods
Posted by: Mooselake - 2017-12-05, 03:31 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Semi-retired moose, fascinated by CNC machines, likes tasty browse, tends to run on.

Started off as a little moose ..... worked my way through EE school when my constant companion was named Sly Drool, as a programmer.  It stuck, did a whole lotta stuff including mainframe systems programmer, real-time software development (mostly networking, data communications, embedded device firmware), ran a dial-up ISP, etc.  For a mid-life crisis retired and went to paramedic school, worked in EMS (despite the original sales pitch, it doesn't stand for Earn Money Sleeping) for almost 20 years. Semi-retired these days, service's IT guy and occasional medic shift.  Married a long time, raised 3 daughters, live on a small farm a hundred miles from the nearest Home Depot.

Started with a small CNC router in the mid aughts, before arduinos, using LinuxCNC. Had 3D printers since 2012, a cheap chinese K40 laser for a couple years, and currently building a Maslow CNC router (actually, building the shop to build the Maslow, out of room).

I've been a mod (as in moderator) on several 3D printer forums including this one when it was QU-BDs, like to mod (as in modify) 3D printers and similar devices, and have way to many hobbies.

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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2017-12-03, 11:46 AM - Forum: General 3D Printing - Replies (1)

Hi All,

I found this article on an alternative way of finishing off project components, including 3D-printed parts. I hadn't heard of it before - it's called hydro-dipping.

Color Your Processed Prints With Hydro Dipping (from 3dprinting.com)

It's kind of similar to Paper Marbling, but uses a commercially-made film instead of paints.

Looks like an interesting way to liven up some of your prints.

(Edit: Corrected cosmetic appearance of the url)

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  QU-BD status
Posted by: Mooselake - 2017-12-01, 05:41 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Does anybody know what's going on with whatever QU-BD calls themselves these days?  The ticket system is defunct, they let the forum registration lapse (not the first time, but I managed to get them to renew it the last couple times through the ticket system), but their store is still there.

Did they finally go bust, or is something still there?


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  First-ever Featured Moderator!
Posted by: Administrator - 2017-11-28, 11:30 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Hello Everyone,

Please join me in welcoming our first-ever Featured Moderator - Scott Hepner!


Scott is a talented and experienced maker, with around 30 years of experience as a goldsmith and gemologist. In addition to his jewelry industry experience, he is also building his portfolio as a knife-maker. If it has to do with jewelry and metalworking, he probably has some idea how to help - and that why we are extremely pleased to have Scott checking in on our Jewelry and Metalworking forum.

One of the challenges for the new Fabric8r.com is convincing folks that there might be something of value here. Scott's presence immediately raises our credibility in this area, and we couldn't be happier to have him on board.

Welcome, Scott!

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Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2017-11-28, 11:07 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies


I guess it's time for me to introduce myself.

I'm Stan, and my handle on the forums is MisterAcoustic. I'm also known here as 'Administrator' Smile.

I'm the new proprietor of fabric8r.com.

My background is primarily in software development, but I've always had an amateur interest in the hardware side of things. I'm always trying to be more of a 'maker', but I generally just dabble in things. The original QU-BD OneUp that I picked up from their kickstarter campaign, and then upgrading it to a TwoUp were good challenges for me, if that gives you any idea Smile.

There are so many things happening in technology today, where fabulous capabilities are available to individuals that have never been available before - and I am very pleased to be witnessing it.

In fact, I hope to add to it in some small degree, someday. For now, as I've said elsewhere, I welcome everyone to the new site, and encourage you to sign up to make the community here larger, better, and stronger.

Nice to meet you all Smile


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  Another Kickstarter project
Posted by: MisterAcoustic - 2017-11-17, 11:00 PM - Forum: General 3D Printing - Replies (1)

This kickstarter campaign is a bit older, but I just saw it, and wanted to mention it here.

I didn't see much of interest initially, but then I figured out that they are using a 'top down' printing approach (which is what the Peachy Printer would have used had it survived).

They fill the vat mainly with glycerine, and only put the resin on top of the glycerine. This allows things to be made without supports in some cases because the liquid provides some support.

The price is a bit high for me, but I thought it was worth a mention. They don't actually focus much on the top down technique, but I think that is the main thing that differentiates it from quite a few printers that are similar otherwise.



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